We cover every aspect

Legal Advice
(Sports Lawyer)

As part of building a successful career, we have in-house legal advice to make sure your rights are duly protected during the negotiations associated with your professional career. Our Sports Lawyer comes with more than 10 years of international experience.

Psychologic and Psychiatric
Support (Sports Psychologist)

Sports psychology is a specialized area of Psychology, that studies the psychological factors involved in sports performance, giving the athlete the specific technics and tools to enhance that performance, always with the athletes global wellbeing as a clear goal.

Nutritional Orientation
(Sports Nutritionist)

Execution and planification of educational workshops and cooking aimed at athletes, coaches and parents.

Measurement of physiological parameters in the field (sweat rate, specific gravity in urine and electrolytes in sweat).

Creation of manuals, recipe books and personalized diet protocols, and hydration of high-performance athletes.

Interpretation of metabolic rate measurements during rest and in physical activity of national athletes.

Physical Training

The physical evaluation is a series of scientific measures, based on the body’s functional movement that will help us find variables of physical performance that may need to improve.

Wealth Management
and Financial Planning

Counsel and  accompany the player so his decisions regarding different economic options are the best and instruct him in the correct option to better assure his future.

Sports Advice

As Sports Advisor, Co-Player Agency will search for the best opportunities for our players according to their sporting characteristics, requirements and preferences. Our goal will always be to find the best team and league where the player can demonstrate his full potential. Co-Player Agency will accompany you during every step of each one of your career stages to help you always take the best decision. Our work does not finish with the signing of your contract but will continue throughout your whole career.

Brand Development
and Social Media

Nowadays there are more than three billion people who are connected to social networks  like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, around the world.  Social media is  the perfect complement to promote soccer players around the world.  In Co-Player we will work to develop and protect your image in the social media.  We want each of our players to be recognized  as good soccer players  but also as a people of good that contribute to society.